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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 21, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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just found out about those two shootings. and they win a second time... after the biggest come back in nfc championship history, the 49ers earn a spot in the super bowl, it is all ahead on the fuse news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us january 21st, brian flores has the day off today, and i hope it will be as warm as it was yesterday? >> pretty close, pam. a few clouds are trying to sneak through on that ridge, highs today mainly in the 60s and some upper 60s, here is sal. traffic is doing well around the bay area and there is an accident into southern
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county, 101 and 106 and the traffic may be affect by the truck accident but on 17 we are off to a good start, let's go back to to the desk. police are investigating a deadly shooting, it happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. this morning not far from geneva avenue. alex savage has more on what happened. good morning, alex. >> reporter: a man came up to me and told me the two victims were his brother and his cousin. he was too distraught to talk on camera but he said his brother had two young sons and did not deserve to die. the gunman opened fire here at middle street, which was just
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after midnight. whom saids looked for witnesses. they rushed -- homicides looked for witnesses. the injuries are not considered life-threatening. the man who died in the shooting, 43 years old, the man who was wounded is 34. now police say the man ran away and is either white or hispanic. san francisco police are still trying to find that gunman and by the way this is the third here in san francisco. well preparations are well underway in washington d.c. for president barack obama's second inauguration ceremony just hours away. torii campbell is covering the ceremony, torii, it looks a
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little chilly out there, how does it look? >> reporter: yes, it it is a little chilly wait a few and you can see we have got union station coming through metro station and there are quite a few cars where they are not supposed to be. as i mention there'd were already a good number of people on the trains selling good paper goods and also a lot of security as well. there a is quite a lot of police and there appears to be 12,000 sir are you meetings. and a man joining us, wonderful
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to see you. you were here four years ago, why did you come back this time? >> i came here for the u.s. conference and i decided to stay on. it is a moment of history but it is one of those days, everybody is here it celebratep -- here so celebrate and there is a lot of hope for the future. >> reporter: you were here where there were a lot of crowds? >> it was wall to wall people and it was much different, a lot of friendliness, it is he can teaming to be here. >> what are you doing as the mayor of danville. >> the rules were without having earmark process. so we have several earmarks, is
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funding for the i-gate projects so we are here knocking done doors trying to solicit and hopefully we will be successful. >> reporter: thank you, he is here for the inauguration and the official ceremony begins 8:30 california time with the caring in with the inaugural address. i just spoke to folks who will be in the parade and that will be coming up in my next report. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> you can watch president barack obama's public ceremony live this morning and we will be streaming it on mobile ktvu
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channel 2 morning news so stay with us. san francisco had a come from behind victory which led to the super bowl. the touchdown happened at 1115 and the mayors families all walked off the bus as the team made their way to the headquarters in santa clara. now the 9ers finished off atlanta falcons with the biggest come back in history. [applauds] >> he take them into the touchdown. >> pretty exciting, and the lead was less than 9 minutes left to go in the third quarter, leading town the stretch and they have the
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biggest super bowl title in history. >> our defense battled back for the second half and played really well and this is a great team win. >> now this is going to be the first super bowl appearance and we will have more on that coming up in just a minute. unfortunately in atlanta, a heated argument turned violent when a san francisco fan punched a 9ers fan in a parking lot and he was rushed to a nearby hospital and essayed to be in stable condition and police are investigating that incident. time now 446, police did
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make an arrest following the big victory. >> here was the scene. it was a victory and -- it was a thrilling victory and all in all police were able to keep the peace. now the super bowl matchup between the ravens and they will go up against the head coach of baltimore. ravens scored for the championship game. to knock it off, 28-13, ravens and 9ers met last season with baltimore winning 13-6. and new orleans, coming up in 8 minutes, the high hopes the city has as they prepare to
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head to the big easy. >> i was presently surprised, i didn't think they would do it >> 20 points down and i tweeted something, they don't look prepared but they called it. you know we have a lot of people who might be taking the day off just enough to make it lighter for those of us who have to go to work. let's go to the 880 westbound and mcarthur maze, traffic looks good, we are having a nice day at the bridge, we'll see, but right now traffic does look good. traffic looks good heading to highway 17, let's go to steve. there is a change brewing in front of the system which is breaking down the high ridge of
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high pressure starting use it tie. we will start to see a little change, up you are 20s and 40s and everybody gets involved in the warm weather and we had great offshore breeze which helps coast and bay and we are good to go and inland a lighter breeze and temperatures are warming up and increasing clouds on tuesday and wednesday and we did put some rain in there and cooler hours and we get back to a cooler pattern and done let this weather fool you pam, it is only friday.
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>> what happened there that investigators are calling it suspicious? what happened? >> i felt exactly the same way.
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. you can see changes to the left and we will have one more day of mild to warm temperatures. firefighters in south san francisco are investigating a suspicious fire at the annex. it happened in the outdoor division and it started in an office and jumped to the next office and spread. nobody was in the building at the time and firefighters are now trying to figure out how it
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started. in san francisco one firefighter suffered injuries shortly before 10:00 last night at a building on california street. crews had the building under control but there is major damage to that building and still no word as to how this started. a fatal car crash happened in antioch 9:30 last night at wilbur avenue. a speeding red sedan smashed through a fence and rolled over several times. one person believed to be the driver was pronounced dead at the scene and there is still no word for what led up to the crash. he highly doubts assault charges will be filed against michael cab tree. san francisco police are investigating accusations that crabtree sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel on sunday.
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crabtree was never booked or charged and a source said a second female witness has backed up crabtree's version of the story. they had no idea which version will be there, but new orleans is known for a big party town. they spend thousands and they all have high hopes from big super bowl week. >> we hang out, buy one drink and an appetizer. >> they are expected to bring in 50,000 people and not all will have tickets. some will cheer on their teams from restaurants and bars in new orleans. kickoff is at 3:30 and for more just click on the f. if --
4:47 am >> how does it look, sal? >> it looks good, as a matter of fact it looks good getting up to the 880 split and there are no problems and if you are driving on 280 extension it looks good, so let's start off with northbound 101, it is looking clear, today is a sol -- holiday for some. traffic is moving well. and this morning's commute is look good on northbound 101 as you drive through sunny veil, let's go to steve. there is maybe a few high clouds and the system is close and things will change. remember it is january, and
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with that offshore breeze is really -- it really helps. upper 30s and 40s, highs today will be warming up, 68 in morgan hill, warmer for most, maybe some rain on wanter. >> right there, we have a very stretch of cool weather with a is another system dropping in by friday, pam. this morning more death in al algeria. algerian forceels stormed the facility and at least 81 militants died including one american and two dozen workers are still unaccounted for. san francisco police continue to search for whoever shot and killed a man in japan
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town. he was driving near gary boulevard and fillimore 53 saturday night and gains was pronounced debt at a local hospital. police say the man to the away. it happened in sanee lee and police -- san leandro and police say an argument between two groups of people led to a gun battle at the bus stop 12:30 saturday afternoon. a 58-year-old by stander was killed and one other person was brought to the hospital with minor injuries. a gun buy back program but this time you will not get any money in return. they went through the first 40s
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to the lores and $60 vouchers. the san rafael location is closed but if you want to turn in your gun you can at the mill valley location until 8:00 p.m. today. the men were part of a group visiting the northshore and they were celebrating adam's birthday when they decided to go into a rocky area and that's when a friend was swept out to sea. >> at that point, adam jumped in to try to help him and he was overcome by the waves as well and so they both drowned. >> gives body -- his body was not found and they shut down the area and they will continue
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to look for baker today. they are holding the maverick serving contest off. the best surfers will be here and this year's viewing is limited behind the oceanic hotel and spa which surprised people at first. >> it has worked out well. >> some spectators say it was better than trying to catch a glimpse went beaning collars. this year's fan favorite has more, just go to and click on the tab for mavericks. and san jose sharks have
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locked it out with a win. the marlins scored two goals over the calgary flames yesterday. they go to edmonton and they host them at the hp pavilion. there has been another mass shooting this one is in new mexico. plus bad news for sacramento kings fans, it puts the team one step closer to moving to seattle.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, we are learning more about the 15-year- old boy accused of murdering his parents and three of his siblings in his albuquerque kirk home. nehemiah griego has not released a motive but he frequently dressed in camouflage and had few friends his age and was home schooled. chaplain greg griego was also a
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chap plan at -- chap plan at the country jail. the 83-year-old fell at the british ambassador's resident saturday night. she was in d.c. to cover the inauguration no word on when she will be released. and he joined 6 5% of the team and has agreed to share the shouldn't and has a deal with seattle to build a new arena. the nba must still approve the sale and the teams have until march 1st to apply to move. there will be several events across the bay area in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. among them, the annual freedom train and it will leave san francisco at 9:30 a.m. and they will sew the seeds of
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peace. it will start at the community center and volunteers will plant native plants to restore the line. and the route will continue along san pablo and end at the high school. so plenty of things to do for that. 4:54, oh, my, it is almost 5:00. >> you know it is allowed, pam, it is monday. >> sometimes it's just hard to speak at 4:30 a.m. we will start off with an issue in contra costa county and this is actually alameda county northbound 680 as you come to the san ramon area and it is right there just at the off ramp at costa boulevard so watch out for a traffic
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accident at the off ramp which is good. 880 southbound, today is a holiday and it will make it easier for some and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it will make it easier for some to get in as well. >> it is tough to look good at 4:30 a.m. pam seems to pull it off though. well it is 34 degrees and partly cloudy skies and low 40s not too bad warming up and some very cold air in the east, our pattern might change a little bit, but we still have an easterly component and we have increases clouds and it looks
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like rain maybe, we have a long stretch of weather, inland temperatures, you get that easterly breeze and in fact near santa cruz we will have increasing clouds, not as strong as it was over the weekend. temperatures anywhere from lower 70s and we will hold that west breeze until tomorrow and things will change. we get a strep of this until the winter -- stretch of this until the winter time and that's what will happen going forward 67 in oakland 70 down by santa cruz and maybe some light rain wednesday but it will change and it could be a cold system droving in over the weekend. >> now the stage has been set for the 49ers. >> san francisco is headed to the super bowl for the first
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time since the 1990s. and we are just three hours from president barack obama's second inn ago racing and we are live in d.c. and we will have a live report from our very own torii campbell coming up next.


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